#MaskUPEasley - Establishment Pledge


The City of Easley would like for all establishments within the City Limits of Easley to take the #MaskUPEasley Pledge in response to our #MaskUPEasley campaign, encouraging social distancing, frequent washing of hands, and face coverings when social distancing is not available. 

When an Establishment takes the pledge, they will be given material, provided by the City, encouraging all who step into their establishment are following the guidelines set forth by City Council in Resolution 2020-15, as well as all CDC, and SCDHEC Guidelines as well.

“I pledge to make sure my establishment, to the best of my ability, will adhere to the #MaskUPEasley Guidelines that have been set forth by City Council, which reflect the CDC, and SCDHEC recommendations. Also, I hereby understand that I need to, as the owner of the business, ensure proper social distancing is taking place within my establishment, and that face coverings are provided to employees, vendors, and patrons. I, the business owner will display our participation in the #MaskUPEasley Campaign on all entrances of the establishments.

Establishments may sign up to take the pledge by the online form(CLICK HERE) or by leaving your information by calling 864-855-7900 Ext. 1008.


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The City of Easley, on Monday, July 12th, 2020 passed a Resolution strongly encouraging its citizens, business, and visitors to continue to social distance, frequently wash their hands, and to wear Face Coverings when social distancing is not possible.  The Resolution outlined several guidelines for encouraging face coverings in public spaces and also for their proper use.  These include:

  • That all citizens, city employees, and visitors follow the proper CDC guidelines to social distance, frequently wash hands, and to wear Face Coverings while inside the enclosed area of any Public Building and Retail Establishment; and
  • Retail Establishments should require staff to wear Face Coverings while working in areas open to the general public and areas in which interactions with other staff are likely in which social distancing of at least six feet cannot be observed; and
  • Foodservice Establishments should require staff who interact with customers (including, without limitation, delivery personnel) to wear Face Coverings while working.
  • That one should thoroughly wash/sanitize hands before putting on a face covering, should avoid touching the front of the face covering at all times, and should wash/sanitize hands before and after removing it. Frequent hand-washing and social-spacing protocols should continue along with the wearing of face coverings indoor shared spaces.
  • That reusable face covering should be cleaned between uses and that disposable masks be used as outlined by their manufacturer. 

To help encourage the wearing of face coverings in public, the City of Easley will be launching the “MASK-UP EASLEY” campaign.  The goal of the “MASK-UP EASLEY” campaign is to help curve the large increase in cases seen through the City of Easley and Pickens County. 

The campaign will work to encourage the use of face coverings throughout the City.  Stickers and education signage will be provided to businesses and public places in the City of Easley to prominently post at all entrances urging patrons, clients, and visitors to wear face coverings upon entering.  The City of Easley will also look at helping to provide education on the proper use of masks and how to make reusable masks at home.


All City Offices will continue to operate as under Phase II.  Phase III only addresses changes to the use of public spaces, parks and recreation, athletics, and rental of city facilities.  All dates and guidelines are subject to change based on regulations from SCDHEC or CDC, Executive Orders in place by the Governor, or fluctuation in cases

Carr Room (140 Occupancy)

  • Re-open to rental on June 8, 2020 (or June 15th if floor replacement not completed)
  • Limited to 50% occupancy
  • Agreement must be signed by the renter ensuring compliance with requirements
  • Only one renter per day
  • All rentals will have a $50 additional cleaning fee to cover the cost of sanitizing surfaces between uses
  • Signage on site encouraging social distancing and guidelines
  • Renter is required to clean restrooms and other high contact surfaces during use every 2 hours during occupancy
  • Additional sanitation stations will be placed, and renters will need to notify the City when returning keys if they need to be refilled/replace

Amphitheatre/Old Market Square

  • Amphitheatre will re-open to rental on June 8, 2020
    • Limited to occupancy of 50 people
    • Agreement must be signed by the renter ensuring compliance with requirements
    • Only one renter per day
    • Signage on site encouraging social distancing and guidelines
    • The public restrooms will only be open during the rental time frame.
    • Renters understand that the City will clean the public restrooms on a regular basis, but those who use the restrooms do so at their own risk.
  • Old Market Square will not be available to rent until after August 1st.
    • The City may hold smaller events, but only is guidelines allow and social distancing can be allowed

Shelter Rentals

  • Shelter rentals will be allowed beginning June 8, 2020
  • Rentals will be limited to 12 people per shelter at Nalley Brown and Doodle Park
  • Rentals will be limited to 20 people per shelter at all other parks
  • Tablecloths must be used for all tables
  • All surfaces should be cleaned with bleach wipes or similar product after use
  • Renters understand that the City will clean the public restrooms on a regular basis, but those who use the restrooms do so at their own risk.


  • All parks and playgrounds will be opened to the public on June 8, 2020.
  • Signs and/or banners will be posted notifying the public that their use is “at their own risk.” 
  • The City parks staff will open and close the park as normal.
  • The restroom facilities will be cleaned at intervals throughout the day, but a minimum of twice per day.

Bagwell Gymnasium

  • Bagwell Gymnasium will open for registration and payments only beginning June 8, 2020.
  • The walking track is planned to open the week of June 15; if all repairs are complete.
    • Walking track will be open from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm for walkers.
    • Walkers will be limited to 20 at any time
    • Walkers are encouraged to keep spacing of 10 feet while using the track
  • The Multipurpose room will be allowed for usage beginning June 15, 2020
    • Rooms will be available for meetings at 8:00 am and all meetings must end by 3:00 pm.
    • Limited to 15 people for the large room and 8 for the small room. 
    • Users are encouraged to social distance in the rooms
    • Rooms will be cleaned daily and in between uses if feasible
  • The Basketball/Volleyball courts will remain closed until regulations from SCDHEC, CDC, or Executive Orders in place by the Governor allow use
  • Public restrooms on the Second Floor will be opened and cleaned frequently
  • Additional sanitation stations will be placed throughout the facility
  • Staff will not collect membership cards, but a location to store them will be provided.

Use of Athletic Fields

  • Based on guidelines and recommendations from the Governor, Easley Athletic Fields at Pope Field and JB Red Owens will open to public usage for practice only or day camps as of June 1, 2020.  Fields will be open to scrimmages and games on June 15, 2020.
  • Guidelines for scheduling practices:
    • Practice will be limited to one team per field
    • No more than 50 people including players, coaches, and parents/spectators may be on each field at any time.
    • Practices will have a 30-minute time period between them to reduce interaction and clustering.
    • No scrimmages between teams until June 15, 2020
    • The following restrooms will be open for use when the adjoining fields are scheduled for practice: Press box at 5 Fields, Press box at 3 Fields, Press Box at Field A/B, Press box at Field C/D, Restrooms at Pope Field. Other facilities may be opened up if needed.
  • Guidelines for games (allowed June 15, 2020):
    • No more than 100 people including players, coaches, and parents/spectators may be on each field at any time.
    • Games will have a minimum of 30-minute time period between them to reduce interaction and clustering.  This may vary based on warm-up times and number of spectators.
    • The following restrooms will be open for use when the adjoining fields are scheduled for practice: Press box at 5 Fields, Press box at 3 Fields, Press Box at Field A/B, Press box at Field C/D, Restrooms at Pope Field. Other facilities may be opened up if needed.
  • The following are sanitation and hygiene practices are for all events
    • City staff will clean and sanitize all facilities as frequent as possible and will do so prior to leaving at 3:30 pm daily. 
    • The City recommends that high contact surfaces be sanitized between practice sessions. (benches, knobs, rails, etc.)
    • Activities that encourage the risk to exposure to saliva must not be allowed. These include but are not limited to spitting, licking fingers, eating/spiting seeds, and gum.
    • No shared water jugs, bottles, or coolers
    • No shared equipment, towels, jerseys, or other items
    • Equipment, balls, and other items should be cycled and cleaned between uses.
  • Social distancing should be encouraged, and the following practices are for all events.
    • Bleachers will be moved, and parents/spectators should bring their own seats and use all open spaces around the field to practice social distancing of 6 feet.
    • Where there is fixed seating, spectators will be encouraged to sit 6 feet apart.
    • All visitors to City facilities are encouraged to use face masks and observe all recommendations from CDC, NIH, and SC DHEC.
    • Coaches, umpires, and referees should wear face coverings at all time
    • No handshakes, high fives, or fist bumps before, during, or after the game
    • Coaches should try to keep players in small groups to practice and ensure players are distanced in dugouts and other area as possible.
    • Spectators should not enter player areas on the field or in the bench area
  • Organizers must maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and employees present at each event to include the date, beginning and ending time of the event, plus name, address, and phone contact to me made available upon request from local health department.
  • No concessions will be provided currently
  • All organizations will be required to sign a waiver for the following:
    • That they agree to enforce the City’s guidelines
    • That failure to comply with the guidelines may lead to future use of the facilities


  • No Tournaments will be allowed on City facilities until August 1, 2020
    • More guidelines will be established in the interim based on Covid-19 spread, treatments, and guidance.
    • Preference will be given to tournaments with smaller teams counts that come from the surrounding areas.
    • Tournaments with teams from multiple states will be reviewed and further guidelines may govern them.




City of Easley COVID-19 Response
For Immediate Release
April 24th,2020 

 EASLEY, SC— Effective, Monday, April 27th, The City of Easley will modify services until further notice to protect citizens and minimize opportunities to spread COVID-19 in our community while reopening some operations. We will reevaluate these changes in the future as recommendations on exposure and gathering sizes are amended from Federal and State agencies. The City of Easley website and social media accounts will be updated with any future adjustments.  

 Considering the Federal and State Emergency Declarations and taking into consideration CDC and DHEC recommendations on social distancing and measures taken across the nation, the City will continue operations with the following precautionary measures: 

  • Access to public buildings will be restricted as deemed necessary and site-specific restrictions will be posted at each City office
    • City Hall, Planning and Development, Public Works, Court and Police Department will open to walk-in service beginning on Monday, April 27th
    • All visitors are asked to continue practicing social distancing measures and will be asked to wear masks to protect all parties. They will be available at entrances if needed.
    • Fire Departments and Parks and Recreation will continue to remain closed but can be contacted to meet in person if needed.
  • The City still encourages business to be conducted through phones, email, or other electronic means as much as possible.
  • All City Council and other public meeting will be conducted virtually until further notice.  This includes May City Council Meetings.
  • All City of Easley parks and recreation centers (including Bagwell Gym) will remain closed until further notice with the exception of City trails.
    • The Doodle Trail and Nalley Brown Nature Trails will remain open, but restrooms, shelters, and play areas will remain closed.
  • All City of Easley athletic programs for Spring 2020 are canceled and refunds will be provided.
    • Parents are encouraged to contact Easley Little League and Easley Soccer Club about their decisions, but all fields are currently closed through May.
    • Information on Fall registration will be announced soon.
  • City events are currently cancelled through May.
    • We are reviewing non-contact options for our Farmer’s Market and will send this information out as it is finalized.  
    • We will also communicate news related to Fourth of July and other events as available. 

 Essential Services and Personnel to Continue Operations with Caution 

Easley Police Officers will: 

  • Maintain a six-foot safe space during interviews
  • Take non-emergency reports over the phone to minimize contact
  • Suspend visitation to the jail
  • Postpone large group training exercises
  • Postpone the Citizens Police Academy 

Easley Firefighters will: 

  • Wear additional personal protective gear during medical response calls
  • Limit public access to fire stations
  • Postpone public safety educational and training events
  • Coordinate response protocol for COVID-19 patients with EMS and hospitals 

Municipal Court will: 

  • Reschedule bench trials through May 2020
  • Hold bond hearings at the jail
  • Suspend traffic and criminal proceedings with a target date of June for cases
  • Encourage payment of fines by mail, phone, or online
  • Add sanitation protocols for all spaces 

Public Works will: 

  • Continue trash pick-up using additional sanitation protocols
  • Perform maintenance and landscaping
  • Limit employee-to-employee contact and employee-to-public contact 

City Hall will:

  • Reopen to the public with additional precautions
  • Add additional sanitation protocols for all spaces
  • Encourage application and permit of permits, licenses, and fees to occur by mail, phone, or online 

 Members of our community should also follow the guidance of the DHEC and Governor Henry McMaster. Specifically: 

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and for at least 20 seconds each time.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are ill.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Do not reuse tissue after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. 

 Additional information about COVID-19 is posted at  or .