Frequently Asked Questions

What is a storm water utility fee?

What is NPDES?

Is the stormwater utility fee considered a tax?

Is the storm water utility fee legal?

What is the ultimate goal of NPDES permitting?

How was my storm water utility fee generated?

What is considered to be an impervious surface?

Who else is paying a storm water utility fee?

How often will the fee be updated/changed?

Who do I talk to if I want to dispute my bill or impervious area?

Is there anything I can do to reduce my storm water bill?

How much does the City of Easley‚??s storm water program cost annually?

How much is spent on Water Quality problems vs. Water Quantity problems?

What is a catch basin?

Do catch basins and storm drains get cleaned out?

Why doesn‚??t the City of Easley install filters or screens in front of catch basins?

Why doesn‚??t the City of Easley build a storm water treatment plant?

What is the City of Easley doing about illegal dumping into the storm drains?

I have seen stencils over certain catch basins. How do I get a stencil for a catch basin near me?

Are there any properties in the City of Easley that do not pay a storm water fee?

Does the Post Office or the Federal Courthouse pay a storm water fee?

Does the City of Easley pay a storm water fee for City of Easley-owned property?

What is a watershed and how do I know which watershed I‚??m located in?

How do I report storm water problems (erosion, flooding, dumping) etc.?

‚?Ę I live at the top of a hill. Why do I have to pay a storm water fee? Alternatively, I live at the bottom of a hill and everyone else‚??s storm water runoff impacts my property‚??why do I have to pay the storm water fee?

What happens if the City of Easley does nothing or refuses to comply with the permit?

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