Yard Sale Permits

What is the law?
The City of Easley requires anyone wishing to have a garage/yard sale within the city to obtain a permit from City Hall prior to the event.
The ordinance was enacted by City Council due in part to the growing problem non-regulated garage/yard sales were causing citizens. Not only were these garage sales adding to the congestion in the streets, but they were disturbing residential neighborhoods and were interfering with the operation of businesses licensed to do business within the City.
The ordinance was enacted not to prevent, but to regulate garage sales for the safety and welfare of the City's citizens. This ordinance was passed March 8, 1982. Citizens are allowed 4 garage/yard sales per calendar year - one each quarter per location.

  • You are allowed to operate the garage/yard sale for two (2) consecutive days if desired (for example: Friday and Saturday). It is unlawful to have a garage/yard sale on a Sunday.
  • Only personal property may be sold. It is not permitted to include merchandise which was purchased for resale or obtained on consignment. The cost of the garage/yard sale is $3.00 per day.
  • The penalties for not obtaining the required garage/yard sale permit may be severe. It could include a significant fine and summons to appear in Municipal Court.

You may pay over the phone and submit permit online via email at pthatcher@cityofeasley.com


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