What is my property zoned?

What uses are allowed in my zoning district? What are setbacks for my property?

When do I need a building permit?

Can I build my own house?

Do I need a permit to remodel an existing house?

Does my landscaping have to be complete before my house can be finaled?

May I move my furniture and personal belongings into the house before I receive a Certificate of Occupancy?

Do I need a permit for a purchased pre-fab garage/storage building that is delivered to my house and would be utilized for personal use and which contains no electrical or plumbing?

How big may I build my detached structure?

What kind of inspections are required?

May I move a mobile home on to my property?

I have just moved into a mobile home in a mobile home park, but I don't have power. When will it be turned on?

May I store my car on my property until I can afford license plates and insurance?

May I place small signs on the road side to advertise my business?  What type of permanent sign can I install for my business?

Do I need a permit for a fence?

How do I obtain a sign permit?

I am renting a suite from an already established shopping center; what must I do to obatin my own free-standing sign?

I am starting a new business in the City, what do I need to do? / I am relocating my business to another place in the City, what do I need to do?

I am clearing enough land to build a small storage shed. Do I have to put up silt fencing?

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