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Zoning Districts
The City of Easley is hereby subdivided into the following districts:

  • R-10 & R-7.5: One-Family Residential Districts: These districts are intended to foster, preserve and protect areas of the community where the principal use of land is for detached, single-family dwellings and related support facilities.

  • GR-1: General Residential District: This District is intended to accommodate mobile home development in concert with single-family, conventional dwellings or in planned parks or courts. It is further intended to foster mobile home development as an alternative to conventional stick-built housing.

  • GR-2:General Residential District: This District is intended to accommodate higher density residential development and a variety of housing types on small lots or in project settings.

  • NCD: Neighborhood Commercial District: This  District is intended to meet the commercial and service needs generated by nearby residential areas. Goods and services normally available in this district are of the “convenience variety.” The size of any such districts should relate to surrounding residential markets and the locations should be at or near major intersections.

  • OI: Office-Institutional District: This District is intended to accommodate office, institutional and residential uses in areas whose character is neither exclusively commercial nor residential in nature.  It is designed principally for areas in transition along major streets and for the purpose of ameliorating the consequences of change impacting established residential areas.

  • GCD: General Commercial District: The intention of this district is to accommodate the broadest possible range of commercial uses, determined principally by market conditions, while protecting the environment from potential objectionable development.

  • CCD: Core Commercial District: The intent of this intent of this district is to promote the concentration and vitality of commercial and business uses in downtown Easley. This district is characterized by wall-to-wall development, pedestrian walkways, and public parking lots.

  • IND: Industrial District: The intent of this district is to accommodate wholesaling, distribution, storage, processing and manufacturing in an environment suited to such uses and operations while promoting land use compatibility both within and beyond the boundaries of such districts. Toward these ends, residential development is not permitted, nor is the establishment of this district on other than a collector or arterial street.

  • MED: Medical District: The intent of this district is to create an environment conducive to medical practice and operations, and to concentrate medical facilities and related uses in “complex” settings to better accommodate the needs of the medical profession and those served by it.

  • PUD: Planned Unit Development District: The Intent of the Planned Unit Development District is to encourage flexibility in the development of land in order to promote its most appropriate use; and to do so in a manner that will enhance the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare. 

    • Within the PUD zones, regulations adapted to such unified planning and development are intended to accomplish the purposes of zoning and other applicable regulations to an equivalent or higher degree than were such regulations are designed to control unscheduled development on individual lots, to promote economical and efficient land use, provide an improved level of amenities, foster a harmonious variety of uses, encourage creative design, and promote a better environment.

    • In view of the substantial public advantage of planned unit development, it is the intent of these regulations to promote and encourage or require development in this form where appropriate in location, character and timing.

  • FRD: Flexible Review District: The intent of the FRD district is to provide a way for inventive design to be accomplished and to permit development that cannot be achieved through conventional zoning districts due to the parameters required therein.


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