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Public Works

Welcome to Operations & Maintenance!
                                               OUR NEW LOCATION IS AT 801 POPE FIELD RD.

Street Division
The Public Works Department provides a wide array of public services that are vital to the efficient daily operations of the city.  The Street division maintains city streets, street signs, performs work on sidewalks, curb and gutter sections, and storm drainage systems, performs equipment and fleet maintenance on all city equipment.  Repairs also include maintenance activities such as roadway patching, improving sight distances at intersections to ensure the safety of the motoring public on city streets. This department also is responsible for the maintenance of West View Cemetery and Old Market Square as well as landscaped areas throughout the city.  

Sanitation Division
The Sanitation Division collects garbage, yard waste, and the collection of Brown and White goods which includes household furniture and appliances. 

Monday-----Regular Schedule
Tuesday-----Both Tues. & Wed. Routes Picked Up
Wednesday-----Both Thurs. & Fri. Routes Picked Up
Thurs. & Friday----Closed for Holiday 
Recycle Centers----Closed Wed., Thur., and Fri.--Reopen Sat. 9 a.m.