Downtown Easley

IMG_9078Easley’s downtown area is undergoing a significant and exciting transformation today, from the City’s TIF Improvements ($2M), to the Doodle Trail Extension into Downtown, and the millions in private investment since 2016. Residential and commercial development professionals have discovered that Easley is a hot-spot for development today.  Considerable attention and resources have been focused on developing a community-supported vision for downtown Easley that includes dynamic pedestrian-oriented retail activity, such as restaurants, professional services, and residential spaces.
IMG_9036Easley has worked deliberately over the past few years to earn a strong reputation for being a community that works well with developers. Whether it involved repurposing an existing vacant structure or new construction, such as the Town Centre, we understand that partnership, collaboration, and positive outcomes for investors and the community are essential for projects to be successful. The City’s staff would be happy to put you in touch with developers and retailers who can describe for you their positive development experiences in Easley.

Opportunities to be involved at the creation of an enduring downtown vision that will be in the heart of a community and an attraction for citizens and visitors for years to come are rare in this day and age. The City of Easley and its partners are seeking a top-notch development team that can rise to that challenge. It’s the opportunity to create history today.