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Business License Ordinance 
- The City of Easley Business License Ordinance NO: 2021-21 was ratified on November 8, 2021 to commence on January 1, 2022.  
- Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession listed in the rate classification index portion of this ordinance, in whole or in part, within the limits of the City of Easley, South Carolina is required to pay an annual license fee and obtain a business license as herein provided. 
- Please visit the "Forms & Information" section for the full Business License Ordinance.

Inside City Businesses 
-  Businesses located within the city limits of Easley are required to report all revenues generated from whatever source to the City at renewal. There is a misconception that only revenues specifically generated within the city limits must be reported. It is required that all inside city businesses report all revenue whether is was generated inside city limits or elsewhere. 
- There are no deductions allowed. However, there are exemptions allowed for gross revenues and business license fees paid to other municipalities. These exemptions are only allowed if proof of such is presented at renewal.

Outside City Businesses & Contractors

- All outside city based businesses that are actively engaged in business or projects inside the city limits of Easley are required to obtain a business license and renew based on City of Easley revenue only. 
- Non-resident contractors must pay per job or can obtain a regular annual license. Per job contractors are able to work on each licensed job until it is completed without regard to the normal licensing period. 
- Any sub-contractor working for a general contractor must also obtain a business license based on their contract amount. 
- General Contractors are required to submit a business license application as well as a subcontractor listing. All subcontractors are required to obtain a business license based on their individual contract amount. General Contractors are responsible for ensuring that all subcontractors have a valid City of Easley license BEFORE work begins. Permits may be held until all subcontractors are licensed.

New Businesses 
- Step 1: Obtain approval from the Planning & Development Department through a Business License inspection. 
- Step 2: Submit a completed Business License Application to the Business License/Finance Department.

License Renewals
- Business License Application - You must complete and return application with full payment to City Hall on or before April 30th of each year. A late fee of 5% per month will apply after May 20th.
- There is now an online renewal center. You can visit this link to finish your application.

Penalties for not obtaining a City of Easley Business License can be severe. Fines may be issued up to $500.00 per infraction per day and a summons to appear in Municipal Court will be issued.