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Items The City Does Not Haul

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The City of Easley Does Not Collect or Haul:
1) Brush or Yard Debris from Work done by Contractors 
2) Any Debris from Construction or Repair (Contracted or Self Repair) 
3) Asphalt Shingles or Roofing Materials 
4) Lumber, Gutters, Sinks, Commodes, Windows, & Doors 
5) Carpet or Floor Covering 
6) Paint Cans Containing Wet Paint 
7) Landscape Timbers or Crossties 
8) Chemical or Used Chemical Containers 
9) Hazardous Household Materials     
10) Lead Acid Batteries     
11) Tires or Automobile Parts     
12) Mulch, Dirt, Rock, Stone, Brick, or Block     
13) Stumps over 8 inches in diameter     
14) Brush Larger Than 6’ Long & 8” In Diameter    
15) Limbs Mixed Leaves    
16) Bagged Leaves    
17) Electronics    
18) Grass clippings on the ground (Must be in a brown city roll cart in order to be picked up)                       
(Grass is accepted at our Courtesy Recycling Center 201 West A Ave.)