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Yard Debris Pickup

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Brush collection
The Sanitation department picks up tree branches cut by the homeowner.  Make sure branches are no longer than 6 feet long and 8 inches in diameter.  Place at roadway behind the curb line.

Leaf collection
Leaves are picked up separate from brush pick up.  Make sure leaves are kept in a separate pile at roadway and not mixed in with any tree branches.  Do not place in the ditch line, near catch basins or in the roadway as this can stop up the storm drains.  Do not bag leaves .  Leaf season is from Oct. 1 to April 1.

Grass collection
Residents that would like to have their grass clippings picked up weekly should call the Public Works office at 864-855-7916 to request a brown cart.   The annual cost for the grass cart is  $30.  Invoices will be sent out in December of each year and is due by January 31st.   Grass clipping season will be from around  April 1 through around October 1 and will be picked up on Thursdays of each week.

*These smaller, 65-gallon carts are for grass, small shrub trimmings, leaves, flowers pulled from beds.

Note:  If you have a private lawn service collecting leaves, or cut trees, etc., they are responsible for hauling off all debris.