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Brandon Liner, Police Chief
Easley Law Enforcement Center
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About the Police Department
Welcome to the Easley Police Department!
"To Protect and To Serve"

Mission Statement:

The City of Easley Police Department's mission is to preserve the peace for all persons within our jurisdiction by providing fair, efficient, and impartial law enforcement services. We will perform our duties with respect and compassion for the citizens while instilling the public's trust. Our commitment is to the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order, and safety; and the enforcement of local and state laws. Honesty and integrity will be our cornerstone while maintaining regard for human dignity and the individual rights of our citizens.

To provide reliable, competent, and attentive service in the most professional manner possible in partnership with local and county agencies that is responsive to citizen's needs. 

Our community service reputation makes the Easley Police Department the professional law enforcement provider to meet the needs of residential communities and businesses within our jurisdiction.

Through continuous improvement and the application of state-of-the-art technology, the Easley Police Department improves the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation and procedures to ensure that this vision is realized. 


Values drive and guide our performance in the accomplishment of our mission.  Our FAIR values are:
A Professional Agency
Respect for all

We invite you to explore our page and visit often, as we will feature important dates and information such as upcoming events and how you can get involved.  Below, we have included a featured list of services and resources that our department offers:

  • Uniform Patrol
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Narcotics Investigation
  • Victim's Services
  • Records Division
  • Public Information and Community Relations
  • Telecommunications and Detention
  • SWAT
  • K9

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 864.859.4025, for emergencies, please dial 911.

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The Judge has set a cash bond, what does that mean?

If the Municipal Judge sets a cash bond, generally the Arrestee or someone acting on his or her behalf must put up the bond amount in cash with the Municipal Court. These monies are held in trust by the Court and may be returned to the Arrestee if he is found not guilty. If the Arrestee pleads guilty or is found guilty in Court, the bond may be applied to any fine that may be imposed.

For additional information please contact Easley Municipal Court at (864) 855-7915.


How do I post my friend's Surety Bond?

Surety Bonds are posted through a Licensed Bonding Company. There are numerous bondsmen and bondswomen who are licensed in Pickens County. The Police Department cannot recommend any specific bonding company. You may find a bonding company through an internet search if you do not know one. The insurance premium they charge if they agree to work with you is capped at 10% of the face value of the bond. For instance, you may be required to give the bonding company $1,000.00 to post a $10,000.00 bond. Some bonding companies may charge a lesser premium but 10% is the max. Once the bond paperwork has been completed by the bonding company and the Municipal Judge, a release order will be issued to the appropriate detention center.

For additional information please contact Easley Municipal Court at (864) 855-7915.


My friend just got arrested, what now?

All arrestees are brought to the Easley Law Enforcement Center for booking and to await arraignment by one of the Municipal Judges. After they have been seen by the Judge and a bond has been set, they may be released on a Personal Recognizance Bond or detained pending the posting of a Surety Bond. At that time they may be transported to the Pickens County Detention Center at 710 South Catherine Street in Pickens. Once a Surety Bond has been posted, the arrestee can be released.

For additional questions regarding this process please contact
the Easley Municipal Court at (864) 855-7915.


How can I get a copy of a police report?

  • Come to the Police Department with your photo ID to make your request during business hours/
  • Email your request with a copy of your photo ID to records@easleypd.org.
  • Call (864) 855-7923 to speak to records personnel about your request.

Please see the records page located on the right hand of the screen for more information.

What if I need to speak to a specific officer about my case?

  • Call our non-emergent line at (864) 859-4025.
  • Come in person and speak to our Desk Officer or Telecommunications.

Please note: If the officer you are requesting is off duty they will not be contacted. You will be notified of their next day on duty and may reach out to speak with them at that time.

Do you operate 24 hours a day?

Yes, the Easley Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

After regular business hours?
You may contact us by using the telephone located on the wall behind the Communications partition. Our patrol officers are on duty 24/7.

Where is the Police Department located?

We are in the Easley Law Enforcement Center, located at 220 North West Main Street.


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