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There are two (2) options in which you can place an individual on trespass. Please choose the course of action which is most applicable to your circumstance.

An individual(s) is currently on your property, and you wish for the individual(s) to be placed on trespass. Call the Easley Police Department and request an officer with a description of the incident and the name of the individual (if known)

***Note: An officer CANNOT place someone on trespass who is NOT present on the property at the time of the officer’s arrival.

Place an individual(s) on trespass by certified mail. You must know the individual’s information (name and address) to send them the trespass notice. You will need to follow the instructions on the form below. 
  • DO NOT put your phone number on the copy of the form that is mailed to the individual(s) you are placing on trespass.
  • Once the U.S. Postal Service returns the signed receipt to you, please put your phone number on the trespass notice and submit it to the Easley Police Department promptly. This ensures that an officer can get in contact with you regarding your case.