Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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The Easley Police Department adheres to the requirements set forth in the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (S.C. Code of Laws Title 30, Chapter 4). Pursuant to the provisions of FOIA, EPD has 10 business days (or 20 business days for records requests over two years old) to advise you of the availability of non-exempt publicly available records pursuant to your request. 

When submitting a FOIA request, please be as specific as possible regarding the public records being requested. The Easley Police Department will provide all “public records”, as defined by S.C. Code Ann. § 30-4-20, pursuant to your request that are not exempt from disclosure. If additional time is needed for such, EPD will notify you and will seek an “extension by written mutual agreement” -- FOIA provides that “this agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld.” S.C. Code Ann. § 30-4-30(C). Body camera footage is not privileged to FOIA.

You may fill out a FOIA request using the form below:


You may submit your FOIA request by:
Mail: Easley Police Department
          Records Division
          220 NW Main St
          Easley, SC, 29640

FOIA Fees Schedule
Pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws Section 30-4-30(B), a “public body may establish and collect reasonable fees not to exceed the actual cost of the search, retrieval, and redaction of records. The public body shall develop a fee schedule to be posted online.”

EPD has established the following fee schedule in response to requests submitted under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act:
Please note that the total amount of the fee must be paid in full prior to the production and/or delivery of any public records.