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Mobile Homes In The City

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Mobile homes are not allowed to be placed in the City of Easley except for under the following conditions: 
The mobile home is being placed in an established mobile home park.

  • Mobile homes cannot be older than 5 years.
  • Mobile homes must receive a moving permit from Pickens County. 
  • Pickens County Mobile Home Department can be reached at (864) 898-5616.
  • Mobile Home Tax decal must be received from Pickens County.
  • Mobile home set-up permit must be received from City of Easley before allowing the mobile home to be placed on your property.
  • IMPORTANT: If your home is a modular home, you must submit a statement from the factory with these specifics to the permitting office at time of permit.

NOTE: This is only a partial list of things required for an inspection and should not be construed as being all-inclusive.
  • Must have 3×3 landings and stairs with handrails and pickets at all doors.
  • Must have working smoke detectors meeting today’s codes must be in the bedroom areas.
  • All mobile homes must be under skirted within 30 days of the date of the permit.
  • All mobile homes must have the correct number of tie downs (at least 6).
  • Mobile homes without central air must have working windows with screens.
  • All outlets within 6’ of a water source must be GFCI.
  • All panel boxes must be labeled; any empty spaces in the panel boxes must have covers on them.
  • Disconnect box must be mounted under meter.
  • Must have 911 address numbers posted on the mobile home.