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Starting a New Business?

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As many people already know, Easley is a very friendly and hospitable community. The secret must be out because we have grown tremendously over the last twenty years. Not only is Easley a great place to raise a family, but we are one of the most business friendly communities around.
Being labeled one of the most business friendly communities around, we want to encourage you to consider relocating your business to Easley. We have many multi-generational businesses which speaks to how strong a business community we are.
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-  Verify the address where you wish to set up your new business.
- Confirm that the zoning and parking provided on the site are suitable to your business.
- If you are locating in the TIF District, special zoning requirements may be required. Please visit the zoning page for more information. 
- Acquire a building permit if you are planning to build or make renovations. Building permits can be obtained at the Planning & Development Office. A properly licensed contractor should be issued any permits for commercial work. Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed by the State of South Carolina and that he has a City of Easley business license. Contractors MUST provide a list of all subcontractors to the Business License Department and the Planning and Development Office. Use the Contractor/Sub-Contractor License Form to provide this information.
The process of obtaining a permit is normally performed by your contractor and is as follows:
- If new building, see commercial site plan requirements and commercial building plan requirements.
- If renovations are being made to existing building, plans should be brought to the Planning & Development Office. Staff will review the plans and based on code requirements, will either approve it or request that changes be made to meet code requirements.
- Upon approval of building plans, staff will issue permit.
- For the permit application, please visit the "Forms and Information" section.
- Inspections are conducted over the course of construction. Your contractor is responsible to ensure that all inspections are requested in the proper sequence based on your particular construction. Once building renovations are completed, a final inspection is required. Your contractor should request inspections in advance. This is a Final on your building and does not constitute a Business License Inspection which you must have before you can start business.
- If you are making no renovations to existing building, skip the above permit steps and complete the Building License Inspection and Code Clearance Form Application. A business license to operate your business must be obtained. You cannot run a business without a business license. However, before a business license can be issued, a business license inspection must be obtained from the building inspector and fire marshal. for Business License Inspection and Code Clearance application.
- Please visit the Forms and Information sections for an inspection checklist provided as a courtesy to help you prepare for your Business License Inspection,  for the Business License Inspection and Code Clearance application and/or for an additional application for Sexually Oriented Businesses.
- Sign permits must be approved before erection of wall or free-standing signs. For an application with requirements click here. Approval and erection of sign permit is not a prerequisite to obtaining your business license. Please click here to read the sign ordinance which is located in the City’s Zoning Ordinance.
- For business license application, you can visit the Business Licensing page under "Departments." You must submit an alarm application with fee to the Easley Police Department, if applicable. This application can be found on the Police Department's page. 
- Businesses must provide and pay for their own garbage pick-up. The City of Easley’s Public Works Department does not pick-up garbage for businesses inside the city limits.
- It is your responsibility to call Combined Utilities to get the requirements and fees for power and water to your business.
NOTE: It is always a good idea to check with the City’s Planning & Development Office and Business & Finance Office to ensure that you have all the required permits and requirements in place before opening your business.